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Race Update

Dear All

We would like to share some news with the Ultra Running community.


We have decided to postpone the inaugural Pennine268 event planned for June 2017 to August 2018.  We are especially disappointed for the racers who had already entered but also for those that had shown support and encouragement, which we have received from so many individuals and organisations.


We want to stage an event that is inclusive and fully engaged with local communities and bodies such as the National Trails and National Parks. We want to meet the highest safety standards for this type of event and satisfy our exacting quality criteria.  Our plans include fully staffed check points, baggage transfer, a collection service for those that drop out, state of the art business infrastructure, advanced communication tools, a well organised and motivated support team, the usual rewards for racers and volunteers, a competitive price (£400 for 7 days of racing), and to donate 10% of all revenue to Mountain Rescue and The National Trail. All this good stuff has given us much to consider and manage.

We have always planned to develop this event for the benefit of others, give our time freely and to accept some losses in the first 2-3 years of event development. However, we currently believe we have too few confirmed entrants to be able to hold this race in 2017 as a competitive event to the standards we have set ourselves.

Setting a date for the race has always given us concern. In today’s crowded market where racers are planning a year or more ahead for any big event it means that we probably need to give everyone at least 18 months notice and hence the decision to postpone until August 2018.


We have already refunded the entry fees in full for all the confirmed 2017 entrants.

We will continue to plan for the summer of 2018. There’s interest in developing the format of the race in a couple of directions, including a relay and ultra-fast or FKT support format. We would really appreciate your thoughts and questions in this regard.

Please keep an eye on this page for how event develops.  In the meantime, thank you all for your continuing best wishes and support.

Rob Campbell

Javed Bhatti

The Race – a 268 mile foot race along the Pennine Way

This is an unsupported non-stop foot race, the 268 mile route follows The Pennine Way, Britain’s premier and best known National Trail.

There are 5 classes of entries

  1. Male Solo
  2. Female Solo
  3. Pairs Male
  4. Pairs Female
  5. Mixed Pairs

This is a competitive event and we expect that the elite entries will finish in around 3 days. However our philosophy is to be as inclusive a possible, and with the generous cut-off times, we believe that many ambitious walkers and ultra runners will be able to complete the event successfully. Our aim is to get as many of you across the line having had a challenging but rewarding experience whilst completing this epic journey.