Race Rules

In principle we want to keep the “rules” simple and lightweight and rely on “The Spirit of the Race“. However we understand that there’s often confusion and misinterpretation along the way so we have developed a minimal ruleset which will be augmented as we approach the final start date.

The Route

The route follows the English National Trail – The Pennine Way, route variations and options will be defined by the Race Director and published in details and a GPX file will be made available to all competitors.

The Race

This is an unsupported race.  Participants can buy food and supplies along the way but must sleep in tent/bivvi bag.  Food or kit cannot be left out on the course. The use of  B&B or hostels etc. are not allowed.

Pacers or active support, e.g. bag carry or mule-ing is not allowed by any outside party under any circumstances.

Time Table

Date of event : Start at 2pm on Sat 10 June 2017, Finish 2pm Sat 17 June 2017

Entry Classes

There are 5 classes of entries

  1. Male Solo
  2. Female Solo
  3. Pairs Male
  4. Pairs Female
  5. Mixed Pairs

Individuals running as part of a pair must be within 100 m of each other at all times. If either person drops out, the one remaining will be classified as non-competitive and will only be eligible for a completion medal – assuming a sub 7 day finish is still achieved.


Awards will  be provided to all finishers and in the following grades, this is a competitive event. The award package is being developed with sponsors and a final detailed description will be available when these are complete, but expect the usual as a minimum, Medal and Finisher’s Tee, along with the Kudos and satisfaction.

  • Sub 4 day completion = Gold
  • Sub 5 day = Silver
  • Sub 6 day = Bronze
  • Sub 7 day = Completion Medal