Our Terms

The event:
This is a foot race and the whole distance needs to be covered on foot. Participants must display their numbers on their packs at all times and carry all the mandatory kit (listed elsewhere). Learning to be self sufficient for long periods of time, and having the opportunity to develop personal resilience, are some of the objectives of this event.

Participants must be 18 years or over on the race date to take part in the event. All runners must have registered 1 hour before the start when they must show photo id. Participants grant permission for photographs or films to be taken during the event and Pennine268 reserve the right to use such photographs for publicity or promote future events. All data is stored securely and will not be supplied to any third party. On race day you must complete personal details including any health issues and medication on the reverse of the race number.  Participants must follow any instructions given by event officials/marshals.  Pennine268 reserve the right to alter or amend race information or rules before the event and any changes will be published. Failure to follow event rules may result in disqualification.

The waiver: When you enter a Pennine268 Event, You the Participant agree to sign the following waiver at registration:

“I declare that I will not start in the race unless I am medically fit on the day of the race and that, in any event, I will compete at my own risk. I accept that the organisers / sponsors / partners / marshals will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise as a consequence of my participation.”

Conduct: All participants must follow the country code and leave all gates closed behind them and respect other members of the public on route. Please treat other trail users with the greatest of respect. We do not have privileged access to the trails, and expect you to build on and maintain the good will of all those that you may meet.

Fees :  The entry fee has been set at £450 which we feel represents excellent value for what is likely to be an inspiring 4-7 day adventure on Britains first National Trail.  Our nominated race charity is Mountain Rescue and we will donate 10% of the entry fee directly to them.  The fee will cover the costs of trackers, medals and t-shirts, check point hire, staffing costs, bag transfers, food and drinks at each CP.

Early bird entries : The first 10 entrants will receive a 10% discount and the next 25 entrants a 5% discount.

Refund Policy : An 80% refund will available to those that need to withdraw before the end of December 2016. After that it will be a 50% refund up until 31 March 2017. There will be no refunds after that date.  If the race were to be cancelled or postponed for any reason a full refund would be offered to all entrants.

Transfers: Entries are personal to the applicant. They can however be transferred to others up until 2 weeks before the event as long as the official transfer process is completed.

Runners must only follow the route shown on the GPX file provided. This will be very similar to but not identical to the Official Pennine Way Route. The race route should be marked up on the maps carried along with locations of CPs.

Any deviations from the race route will be assessed for potential time savings. Time penalties will be applied (x3 the estimated saving) and shared onto the online tracking page and communicated directly to the runner at the earliest opportunity. Any appeals against penalties should be lodged in writing within 24 hours of race completion. Official checkpoint staff should be informed of any emergency ‘Good Samaritan’ acts that cost you time so that we can consider amending individual race times.

Trackers:  If you push the SOS button on the tracker you will be deemed to have retired from the event and be in need of emergency assistance. The exception is unless it to aid a fellow competitor. Trackers must be returned at the finish or on retirement. Trackers not returned or lost will be subject to a fee of £150.

Cut offs: Cut-off times will be strictly enforced and runners will be withdrawn from the event if they fail to meet a cut-off.

No pacers or support crews are allowed.  The passing of personal kit or food by anyone other than another event participant or event staff will result in you being ranked non-competitive. Runners are encouraged to visit local shops and pubs but must be aware that these can not always be to be relied upon. The use of tracking and the sharing of that data on our tracking page, means that its possible that friends / family will want to meet you on the route. We don’t encourage this but clearly we can’t stop it. You should make sure that they don’t pass anything to you, or give you refuge, or travel with you.

If you need to retire from the race it is best that you do so at a CP if at all possible, and inform the CP staff.  Our staff are instructed not to accept retirements until you have had some sleep, eaten food and then walked for a short distance.  We want to do everything possible to encourage you to complete the journey. You MUST contact Race HQ if you retire outside a CP. It is then YOUR responsibility to arrange your own transport to wherever you need to go and to return your tracker. It should be possible for CP staff to help you reach public transport, but you may have to wait for some time, especially during the night sections. Note that you may not be able to retrieve your drop bag until the end of the race.

There will be no medical support during the race. Runners should carry personal medications and a basic first aid kit for dealing with expected issues. Eg. Blisters, aches and sprains. If you are injured but can walk then please contact the number provided on your race number and try to reach your nearest CP or village and we will try and help you. For all serious medical issues you should call 999 immediately.

Information sharing:
By entering the race you agree to have your name published on our entry list and your location details to be shared on tracking pages. In addition you agree to be photographed during the race, knowing that some images may be used on the Pennine268 website or other promotional material for the race.  Race updates will appear on this website and be sent to individual email addresses supplied.

Risks of participation:
Participants must be aware of the risks involved in long distance events, and the potential hazards that could arise. They should be aware of their surroundings at all times and take special care when crossing roads. The organisers accept no responsibility for the personal safety of the participants, any injury or the loss of any personal items and it is advised that runners take out their own personal insurance if they have concerns.

Purchases from the Shop

We are currently working with a number of partners to help you source clothing and equipment that would enable you to compete safely and comfortably.

Paying By Credit or Debit Card.

You can use you credit or debit card to pay for your race entry or any additional items from the shop. Here at Pennine268 Ltd. are using Stripe as a PCI compliant payment gateway for your and our protection. This means that we do not have access to or keep a record of your credit card details. powered_by_stripe@2x

Payment Plans

We have set up a means with which you may pay for your entry installments. This is a convenience for you to manage your purchase and does not in any way constitute a credit agreement between Pennine268 Ltd and you the purchaser. Title to the entry will not pass to you until all installments are made. Clearly the 4 installments over four months offer will expire within 4 months of the event. However you should have sorted yourself out by then anyway.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. We collect data on this site from you in order to provide the services that we offer, e.g. emailing you news and updates or selling you items and event entries.

We will never sell this data to any 3rd party, we will only divulge any of this data to a 3rd party if we need to do so as part of the service delivery or in the case of detailed personal data in the event of a medical emergency.

We endeavour to keep all of this data secure and have taken professional advice on how to do this both at the time of capture and while in storage. We have implemented what we believe to be best industry practice in this regard.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration reference: ZA204451.

If you have any doubts or questions about how we store data or wish to see a copy of what data we hold regarding you, please complete the enquiry form below.