The People behind the race

Robert Campbell and Javed Bhatti have covered more than a few miles together on what they think is one of the most inspirational trails in the world.  They are experienced ultra runners and keen outdoorsmen, and have decided to create a new event that will give others an opportunity to enjoy and challenge themselves, support the local economy, connect with similar minded folk, and learn and grow in ways that continue to surprise all those that have the good fortune, skill and determination to complete the Pennine Way.

Javed Bhatti

Jved Bhatti

Javed is a keen outdoorsman with a background in caving, climbing, mountaineering, nordic skiing, triathlon ….. well pretty much anything that involves being outside with friends. He completed his first marathon more than 35 years ago and then discovered ultra running in 2007. He is now a fell and mountain running coach, Chair of Governors at a very special school, an organisation development consultant …… and has a special interest in personal and organisational resilience.

He likes to practice what he preaches so is currently on a mission to double some of the most challenging events, and in so doing explore and develop strategies to help others ‘learn and grow.’

He recently became the first to run a double Thames Ring (500 miles), the first Brit to complete the Fidippides Race (double Spartathlon at 306 miles) and the only ever person (as far as we know) to complete a double winter Pennine Way.

Robert Campbell

Rob is an experienced marathon runner, climber and adventure racer. He is passionate about helping people discover their potential. He has been closely involved in supporting other racers achieve their dreams, and been part of the set up and management of some of the most complicated events in the country.  These experiences have given him some great insights into what makes for a great event.

At Pennine 268 Rob is in charge of most of the operations and technical side of the business.  He enjoys photography, doing events, and hanging out with others who are inspired by the great outdoors – this is starting to look like a dream project. He has his fingers firmly crossed for a safe and successful event.

The Team


As with all similar races and events in the UK we are heavily dependent on the help of others to bring about a safe and enjoyable event, at a cost that you can all afford. We will be employing key staff for those critical jobs that go together with this extended logistical event.


We will also need and welcome volunteers. Volunteering, helping others compete and achieve their dreams is extremely rewarding and I mean not just materially; although there will be a reward package for all volunteers, the details of which will be publicised as soon as they are finalised.

If you think you have the skills and enthusiasm to become part of the team please apply using our application form here.


Mountain Rescue

The women, men and animals who form the Mountain Rescue services provide a vital safety net for all of us; young and old, fragile or super strong, so that we can really enjoy our national trails.  We are therefore going to be working closely with Mountain Rescue to provide a well planned and testing event. A significant portion of all entry fees will go directly to Mountain Rescue. In addition we will ensure that all runners and their friends and family can easily make additional donations and get involved in individual fundraising directly from both the race tracking pages and our regular updates.

Mountain Rescue England and Wales, PO Box 554, Torquay TQ1 9HGBy
Mountain Rescue England and Wales 2016. Registered charity number 222596.

Landowners & other Community Interests

Like many other enlightened event directors we’re very sensitive to the needs of the communities that a race such as this touch along the way. While the number of entrants we expect is by no means in the thousands these is a real impact for us to consider and mitigate any negative effects while at the same time maximizing the positive opportunities. We intent to be supportive and creative in this regard and hope to establish long term links with business, individuals and anyone with an interest, along the way.

Countryside & Park Authorities

The route takes competitors through three of England’s National Parks, The Peak District, The Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland as well as the North Pennines AONB.


Open TrackingWe’re providing real-time tracking of all competitors and indeed staff and logistics by using GPS trackers from Opentracking. During the event you will be able to follow the competitors on their journey and keep up to date with news from along the route.
At the same time the race management and logistics staff, as well as the Safety Team will use the same system to monitor and control all support activity. Your safety is our primary concern.


In addition we are currently exploring tie ups with a number of commercial sponsors. Details to be confirmed.